Happy Holidays from SEIU-West

As we reflect on the past year, there’s been more than our fair share of chaos and division. Some of it is real and some of its political posturing. But we can take the gift of this holiday season and choose peace, friendship, and understanding.

President's Message: Solidarity with PSAC

Solidarity is a foundational principle of the labour movement. It allows trade unionists to come together and flex our collective power in support of our brothers, sisters, and comrades who have taken the decision to withhold their labour in an effort to reach a fair and equitable collective agreement at the bargaining table. 

Happy Holidays from SEIU-West

Dear Comrades, Brothers, and Sisters,

These past few years have seen incredible upheaval in what we take for granted that it has left us questioning, anxious, and wondering "what next?". We seek moments of calm and wish for the predictability of a life before a global upheaval in health and services.

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