SEIU-West is excited to announce our new billboard campaign. You will be able to find the new billboards across the whole province of Saskatchewan. This is why we are launching a Selfie/Photo contest. All you have to do is to find one of our billboards and take a selfie or ask a friend to take a picture with you in front of the billboard.

Just keep in mind while participating that safety comes first - be careful, especially on the roads!

This contest is a summer long contest, where we will announce winners every week! We have some exciting giveaway prizes that include concert tickets, Co-Op gift cards, and all of our contest winners are SEIU-West members! So bring out your selfie game!

The deadline to enter is September 26! 

Be safe, take your picture or selfie, and send it off to [email protected] or share it on social media by tagging it #purpleworks and #purplehasfun.

Here are the locations of SEIU-West billboards including the digital billboards:


Lorne Avenue & Circle Drive

Idylwyld Drive & 21st Street

3rd Avenue & 33rd Street

22 Street East & Idylwyld Drive



Albert Street & 3rd Avenue North

Albert Street & 10th Avenue

Victoria Avenue East & Glencairn Road


North Battleford

Highway 16 Bypass & Battleford Road


Moose Jaw

9th Avenue & High Street



Highway 9 & York Road


Rural Saskatchewan

Duck Lake

Glaslyn Highway & Highway 3 Junction

Guernsey Highway 4 - Main Entrance

Meskinaw Highway 41 - Main Entrance

Milestone Highway 39 - Main Entrance

Northside Highway 2 - Main Entrance

Tompkins Highway 1 - Main Entrance

McGee Highway 7 - Main Entrance

St. Gregor/ Highway 5 - Main Entrance

Elstow Highway 16 - Main Entrance

Vanscoy Highway 7 - Main Entrance

Findlater Highway 11 - Main Entrance


Thanks for joining our promotion and participating in our contest – good luck!

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