Billboard Selfie Contest and Ticket Giveaway!

SEIU-West is excited to announce our new billboard campaign. You will be able to find the new billboards across the whole province of Saskatchewan. This is why we are launching a Selfie/Photo contest. All you have to do is to find one of our billboards and take a selfie or ask a friend to take a picture with you in front of the billboard.

Just keep in mind while participating that safety comes first - be careful, especially on the roads!

This contest is a summer long contest, where we will announce winners every week! We have some exciting giveaway prizes that include concert tickets, Co-Op gift cards, and all of our contest winners are SEIU-West members! So bring out your selfie game!

The deadline to enter is September 26! 

Be safe, take your picture or selfie, and send it off to or share it on social media by tagging it #purpleworks and #purplehasfun.

Here are the locations of SEIU-West billboards including the digital billboards:


Lorne Avenue & Circle Drive

Idylwyld Drive & 21st Street

3rd Avenue & 33rd Street

22 Street East & Idylwyld Drive



Albert Street & 3rd Avenue North

Albert Street & 10th Avenue

Victoria Avenue East & Glencairn Road


North Battleford

Highway 16 Bypass & Battleford Road


Moose Jaw

9th Avenue & High Street



Highway 9 & York Road


Rural Saskatchewan

Duck Lake

Glaslyn Highway & Highway 3 Junction

Guernsey Highway 4 - Main Entrance

Meskinaw Highway 41 - Main Entrance

Milestone Highway 39 - Main Entrance

Northside Highway 2 - Main Entrance

Tompkins Highway 1 - Main Entrance

McGee Highway 7 - Main Entrance

St. Gregor/ Highway 5 - Main Entrance

Elstow Highway 16 - Main Entrance

Vanscoy Highway 7 - Main Entrance

Findlater Highway 11 - Main Entrance


Thanks for joining our promotion and participating in our contest – good luck!

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