Regina, Saskatchewan – Canadian Blood Services (CBS) workers took to the streets of Regina on the corner of Regina’s Broad Street and Broadway Avenue today to get the word out to the public on what’s going on in blood donor clinics across Saskatchewan.

“Our members are tired of their employer ignoring their reasonable requests which have only delayed bargaining,” said Barbara Cape, President of SEIU-West. “This employer has set road block after road block and expect our members to cave and accept an unacceptable offer.”

CBS has forced their Saskatchewan employees to work without a contract for four years. They’ve been forced to go far more without even a decent pay increase. In fact, CBS has gone out of its way to ensure workers know how little they’re regarded.

“When it came to light that CBS was violating Saskatchewan’s Employment Act (SEA) by not providing their blood donor clinic staff with proper meal breaks, CBS refused to resolve the issue and didn’t increase meal breaks for their staff until compelled to do so by the Saskatchewan’s Employment Standards Enforcement division,” continued Cape.

And, CBS has made it harder to donate blood in Saskatchewan. CBS has been quietly closing rural blood donor clinics in Saskatchewan for years while reducing service hours in the cities, forcing urban clinics to manage more with less. Donors from communities like Swift Current and others who used to have access to mobile clinics, now have to travel to donate in Regina or Saskatoon.

“Not only is it harder for people to donate blood in this province, they now have to book appointments and travel to make their donations which they used to be able to do in their own communities,” added Cape. “On top of this they have reduced clinic hours in the two cities which make it even more of a mess. A secure and safe supply of Canadian blood products depends on safe and secure jobs.”

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