As we go into the holiday season, I will admit that I’m not feeling very ‘Christmas-y’.

I’m stressed and worried about our members.

I’ve talked with so many of you - heard your stories, and your fears, and I am worried. I am concerned about your physical and mental health because this pandemic can wring you out with working so hard, for so long, under such taxing circumstances.

Together, we have been fighting hard to get you proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) policies and procedures, better staffing levels and a wage supplement for ALL health care workers. While you continue to show up and do your best with the limited resources you have, you also help by identifying both the problems and the solutions on the ground. We need this information to educate politicians on how to make better decisions... and we need to work together.

We are all running hard and fast to make sure our work gets done to our best ability. We’re trying to communicate as rapidly and as fully as we can with our members, our co-workers and our leaders.

We are wondering - what does the next day, week, year hold for us? Will the people of Saskatchewan uphold the public health orders and help us bend the curve of infection for this pandemic? Will we finally see increased resources for better staffing in the whole health care sector? When will our government begin to show the whole health care team respect and value?

I can’t give you the answer to those questions.

What I can offer is that we will continue to fight for proper PPE and to improve worker safety and policies. We will keep up the fight for better staffing levels and a wage supplement for ALL health care workers. Together we can win, for the future of our health care heroes, our education team, our community based workers, our towns and municipalities, our retirement and personal care homes. 

For each other.

I know you are tired and stressed out. I know that you are frustrated that we have fought these fights before. I know that you feel like you are running on empty. But I believe that we can win and we will win together.

I wish you peace and rest over the holiday season…you deserve it.

In Solidarity and Respect,

Barbara Cape

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