Roses are red  

Violets are blue

It’s Cardio Tech Day

Let’s show them love too!  


SEIU-West is proud to acknowledge and celebrate our Cardiology Technologist members this February 14.    

These health care professionals like our member Oksana who works at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon are on the front line working for the public every day.

Cardiology Technologists do the following (and so much more);

-              test, monitor and assess heart performance;

-              engage in difficult techniques of heart monitoring;

-              ensure proper preparation for patients by explaining procedures;

-              ensure patient comfort and safety during procedures; and

-              provide resuscitation measures when needed.

Cardiology Technologists must also keep up to date and adapt to modernized technologies as they help to maintain health care equipment.

Watch our Cardio Tech day video to find out how Oksana’s passion for her job makes her a vital part of our public health care team.


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