Celebrate Combined Laboratory & X-Ray Technologist (CLXT) Week October 18-24!

CLXTs are vital to the success of quality health care. By performing X-ray exams, Electrocardiograms (ECG) and Holter monitoring, these hard working health care technologists ensure patients receive the best care available.

The role of a CLXT is to provide diagnostic tools that the entire health team relies on. CLXTs assist with a proper diagnosis and flowing from this is an appropriate treatment plan for each patient. CLXT’s will procure and analyse specimens, and prepare patients before any lab and x-ray procedures.

Those who work as a CLXT require the knowledge and skill to perform such tests in an integral health care department – their continued advancement of professional development and their ongoing practical experience demonstrates their value and contributions made to the health care team.

In recognition, we want you to participate in our CLXT Week Contest! Tell us how CLXTs contribute to the health care team for your chance to win a Visa gift card! Email your entry to [email protected] by October 27 for your chance to win.

Thanks for all you do, CLXT’s!!  

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