Food Service Workers are vital to the care of patients, residents, and clients. Those who work in Food Services ensure each person requiring care has their nutritional needs met. Staff and visitors also benefit from the talents of Food Service Workers as they prepare meals with high-quality hygienic standards.

As a part of the health care team, Food Service Workers must take into account the various health care needs of residents and patients - our professional Food Services members make sure that food allergies and dietary needs are taken seriously in order to prevent possible complications that can cause set-backs in recovery and impact a person’s overall health.

SEIU-West members who work in Food Services are central to quality health care, and in recognition of their dedication, we’re launching our Food Services Week Contest!

Tell us about your local Food Services Worker and how they contribute to your health care team – by entering, that Food Services Worker will be entered to win a Visa gift card!

Email [email protected] to enter – the deadline is October 19, 2020!

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