SEIU-West is thrilled to celebrate the hardworking MRTs of our health care team.

You may have met a MRT during procedures they perform like angiograms (usually of the brain), special IV line insertions (like PICC’s), Ports, and Hickman lines, feeding tube placements, and biopsies, to name a few. MRTs are there to explain these procedures to patients and often start IVs. MRTs also assist during procedures by providing patient care, driving the x-ray equipment to guide the doctors, and scrubbing in with doctors to assist with the procedure. Cleanup and re-prep is an important aspect of their day as well as there are often many procedures and new challenges each day.

The work of an MRT is crucial for our health care system as MRTs perform imaging and radiation-related therapy, which is so often needed by patients. MRTs deliver safe and professional care by relying on the skills and experiences they’ve gained in their frontline work.

In recognition of their valued work, SEIU-West invites you to participate in the MRT Week Contest! Complete this crossword for your chance to win some awesome prizes:

  1. Tickets to the Festival of Trees
  2. Tickets to the Stand! Movie
  3. A variety of gift passes to movies and restaurants

Email [email protected] with your answer by November 13, and you’ll be entered to win!

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