Celebrate Paramedic Services Week!

SEIU-West is proud to acknowledge the incredible work of those who work in Paramedic Services as we recognize Paramedic Services Week May 26-June 1. Often, they’re the first to care for those who need emergency medical attention, and they do not take this important role lightly.

The Paramedic Services team works in a stressful and demanding environment; our members respond to calls that range from heart attacks to collisions – in every situation, immediate medical attention is required. It is therefore vital for those who work in Paramedic Services to function well under pressure and be highly organized.

Members who work in Paramedic Services must also have a reliable, supportive team. By working with partners, the Paramedic Services team can count on each other for assistance in providing a safe work environment, as care is being provided to the person(s) in need.

Our communities depend on those who work in Paramedic Services and their ability to ensure quick, calm and competent care under pressure.  Thank you for providing such a fundamental service within the health care team!

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