The spotlight has been on healthcare workers as we all struggle through this pandemic. We wish we could tell the world about each and every one of you because we know how special and important you are. Health Care isn't just about a couple of classifications. It's about hundreds of classifications that pull together as a team to provide the very best care. Both front and center staff and those behind the scenes truly care about patient care as they go through their work day. 

Each and every day, the hard work and dedication that you put in to your career means that our clients/patients/residents are cared for in the most compassionate way. You have been asked to do the impossible, every day, and you do it.

We know you still smile behind your mask, as you offer words of encouragement. We know you still cry behind your face shield; you feel the pain, frustration, and loss that the province feels fighting COVID 19. We know you hate the gowns as you are ran off your feet, exhausted and hot. 

This might not exactly be the job you thought you were signing up for, but there you are. Doing your best. Every. Single. Day. Your skills, experience and professionalism that you bring to work makes a difference.

Health Care workers should be respected for their valuable contribution to client, patient and resident care, now more than ever.

In recognition of the amazing team you work with, SEIU-West asks that you participate in our Health Care Providers' Week Contest!

Enter for a gift card draw for both you and your nominee by: emailing [email protected] your story of how your SEIU-West coworker(s) contributes to the wellbeing of your workplace or community by Friday November 5, 2021. Please note that you have to be an SEIU-West member to enter the contest. Please remember to include your name and workplace.

Thank you for being there for our province. We appreciate our Health Care Workers!!

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