SEIU-West and the Saskatchewan labour movement are celebrating a huge win heading into the New Year. The Government of Saskatchewan announced it will the repeal the "supervisory employee" provisions of the Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA).

These provisions severely restricted the rights of workers who supervise others from joining a union of their own choosing. They caused huge delays and red tape when organizing a new union because of disputes around who was a supervisor and who wasn't.

SEIU-West has fought against this provision since it was introduced a decade ago, because we believe that the right to organize should extend to as many workers as possible. This latest announcement means these battles weren't for nothing. And now more workers across Saskatchewan will have the opportunity to join a union of their choosing.

As we reflect on the battles fought by our newest members at Points West Living, Revera Retirement, Esprit Retirement, Southwest Homes, Spruce Manor, and especially City Centre Bingo (where the Employer tried to claim that all employees were supervisors) we celebrate with them this hard-earned victory.

The struggle to defend workers' rights is hard, but victories like this one remind all of us that the struggle is worth it. 

Solidarity for a strong 2022!

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