Connie has been working in Laundry Services in an urban Long-Term Care (LTC) facility for six to seven years, but began her journey in the field roughly 28 years ago.

Connie began working at Central Laundry in Saskatoon, where she spent the bulk of her career. When Central Laundry closed due to privatization, Connie was displaced and had to start over. She began working at her LTC facility, where her laundry services area has 3 people total, verses the 45 per shift she was used to at Central Laundry. This was quite a change, but did not slow her down. Connie is quite close with her coworkers and they rely on each other as a team.

In a day Connie, delivers carts for linen, ensures clothes for each resident are properly marked, launders personal effects, and returns laundered items to their respective owners. It is during this time that Connie gets to engage in her favourite part of the job, meeting and visiting with the residents. Resident interaction has been very important during COVID-19, where families have been unable to visit as often and resident emotion can run high. It’s people like Connie, who continued to engage with residents when staffing levels of nursing staff are poor and units were bubbled, who kept their spirits up.

Working during the pandemic has been a challenge, even now with things reopening. Connie still sees understaffing and outbreaks with little change in wages over the years to match the demands. Connie hopes to see the future of laundry services improve, and keep privatization out of it.

Connie, workers like you have had such an impact on resident care and you truly make a difference. Thank you to you and all the Laundry Service Workers that go above and beyond every day. 

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