Contest: Committee Logo Design

The SEIU-West Aboriginal Committee is planning on doing a lot within our union and communities over the next two years.

Our purpose is to promote awareness of our proud aboriginal culture and how it intertwines with our union’s environment and create valuable relationships with our aboriginal and non-aboriginal brothers and sisters. However, we have yet to find our official logo.

We invite SEIU-West members to join our journey by helping create our official logo.

We are looking for a logo that will express the importance of truth and reconciliation between our communities and our Creator.

In order to be considered as a contender for the contest, the logo must be submitted with a description of what it represents and means by December 31, 2019 to

In January, our committee will select up to five entries that will be posted online to be voted on by our members. The winner will receive a $200 Visa gift and pair of moccasins.

We look forward to everyone’s participation and logo submissions!

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