By: Dennel Pickering, PAAC Member


Your SEIU-West Political Action & Awareness committee has had to set aside the contest in the March 2020 mail-out due to the need for social distancing.

With the COVID-19 reality, the PAAC wants to show support for local businesses in your community.

We appreciate that everyone is facing challenges right now and we believe that others will recognize the struggles of health care workers and show their support, if we do the same.

We are asking you to nominate your favourite local business, with a description of why they are wonderful, and a picture of their business (if possible).

We will connect with them so that we can let them know why you love them and we will share this info so others (family, neighbours, friends and co-workers) get to hear the all about them.

We will offer them a purple sticker (SEIU-West supports this local business) for their door and give them a big shout out.

We are inviting interested members to show their support by submitting your online nominations here or by downloading the printable PDF file of the nomination form and sending it to [email protected].

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