On April 28th, the National Day of Mourning, we remember and mourn for the workers who have been injured or killed on the job. In remembering, we must not let those lost lives be in vain. We need to rejuvenate our efforts to make sure all workers can come home from work safe and healthy every day.


As we navigate our way through COVID-19, people around the world are recognizing the dangers our members often face at work. Workers are continuing to provide services during this pandemic, even amongst unclear government guidelines and safety precautions along with a shortage of supplies and staffing – an all-too familiar experience.

It is the legal responsibility of our employers to provide safe working conditions, and we must never let them forget that. We have Occupational Health Committees (OHC) as a means to ensure workers have level grounding with their employer in order to address their safety concerns. So if you’re feeling unsafe at work, please let your OHC representatives know, and contact your Member Resource Centre (MRC) through our website https://www.seiuwest.ca/contact or by phone 1-888-999-7348 ext. 2298 if you have any questions.

While workers across Canada gather to lay wreaths for those who have been killed due to unsafe working conditions, these events have been cancelled in order to promote the safety of our communities. However, the SEIU-West Worker Safety Committee (WSC) hopes that workers can continue to recognize the Day of Mourning, especially during a time in history where we all feel anxious about the safety of our loved ones.

On Tuesday, April 28, the SEIU-West WSC asks that you wear black to commemorate injured and killed workers – to promote awareness, please send pictures to [email protected]

The WSC has also developed a Stand for Safety crossword about Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S), which we encourage you to complete – if you need help, check out our OH&S fact sheet. Send your completed crosswords to [email protected] – the deadline to send your completed crossword is April 30, 2020 and by entering, you might win some safety-related swag from the SEIU-West WSC!

Listing of Labour Council events, websites and links:


Facebook live: https://www.facebook.com/reginalabour/

April 28, 5:30 pm




Wreath will be placed at memorial at the Moose Jaw Union centre (1402 Caribou St W, Moose Jaw, SK)

Sharing videos on social media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moosejawdistrictlabourcouncil/



video presentation on their website: https://www.saskatoondlc.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaskatoonDistrictLabourCouncil/



Video for social media: https://www.facebook.com/Weyburn-and-District-Labour-Council-309053323111744/

Op-ed in local paper: https://www.weyburnreview.com/opinion/letters/virtual-vigils-to-be-held-for-day-of-mourning-1.24122169

One page advertisement in local paper: https://www.weyburnreview.com/

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