After two long years inside, we’ve had our first chances to get back outside and light up the BBQ!

Together with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, Depave held an event at a high school in Saskatoon. Depave Paradise is an initiative to tear up unused paved areas and turn them into greenspace. The removal of pavement helps to manage stormwater, reduce flooding, and decrease the amount of pollution in nearby lakes and rivers. This was the first Depave event to take place in Saskatchewan, and we would strongly advocate for more.

SEIU-West came out to show our support and feed over 90 volunteers over 2 weekends. Everyone was very happy to see the purple trailer roll in and our staff was very happy to be out engaging with community members. We watched the unused tennis court get transformed into a beautiful outdoor classroom and spoke to many young people about the work of unions in their community.

Depave was the kickoff to a summer full of meeting members and being out in the communities we serve. We hope to see you all out there soon!

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