Few jobs can be as inspiring, thankless, tiring, and meaningful as being a Disability Service Professional (DSP), or Disability Support Worker (DSW). This week we highlight our amazing DSPs and DSWs and thank them for their amazing work. We have many facilities that include these classifications, primarily in our Community Based Organizations, or CBOs.

Our profiled member, Chinchu, has worked in an urban community home for over 5 years. She obtained her Disability Support Worker Certificate and has added Professional Assault Response Training (PART) and Transfer-Lift-Repositioning (TLR) Training through her workplace, which are very useful, as Chinchu doesn’t always know what her day will bring. The ability to go with the flow is a must in this field.

In a day, Chinchu works with adults with cognitive disabilities, supporting them in their daily activities and helping them to set and achieve long term goals. While a day includes cooking, cleaning, personal care, and recreation, it also has a lot of one-on-one time. Spending time with each resident and getting to know them is what Chinchu describes as the best part of her job. Chinchu says she was inspired to work in this field because “I feel great if I can make a small difference and provide a great experience in resident's lives.”

This challenging field was made even more difficult when pandemic restrictions were put on community outing. Suddenly, all the resident’s day programs were cancelled and they were home at all times. Chinchu and her coworkers often found it overwhelming to work during COVID, not only with the increased workload, but with rules changing every week. She was very relieved that her facility had a good supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The transition back to normal has helped with the emotional toll of her everyday work. The residents are happy to spend time out in the community and Chinchu is happy that they finally have that available to them.

Chinchu, you do so much for the residents that you work with, and your dedication impacts their lives more than you know. We thank you for your unending support, patience, and hard work. Know that we appreciate you all year, not just this week. If you have DSW or DSP in your workplace give them a big round of applause for all they do.

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