“Making a difference in peoples’ lives is very important to me.”

Before becoming a Unit Assistant and Clerk at Saskatoon City Hospital, Donna worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse.  In her role as a Unit Assistant/Clerk, Donna processes patient charts, orders medical tests, answers phones, transfers patients, completes data entry as well as many other computer-related tasks.

Working with others is important for Donna, and she values this day-to-day interaction with patients and their families. She is grateful to heard so many inspiring stories throughout her work day.

A memorable moment for Donna involved a patient coming through for surgery, who happened to be a past co-worker and physician. As Donna saw her coming down the hall that very early morning, Donna waved and said “Hi, we’ve been waiting for you!” and gave her a big hug. Donna chatted with her and visited with her often during her stay. The patient has since mentioned these memories numerous times and how she was so worried and nervous for her surgery but after Donna’s greeting, the patient told her she made all the difference in her comfort and ease!

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