The fights against the coronavirus and the climate crisis go hand-in-hand, and as we work to flatten the curve of this pandemic, we must strive toward the longer term goal of building a society rooted in sustainability and justice.

From April 22, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, to April 24, activists, performers, thought leaders, and artists will come together for an empowering, inspiring, and communal three day livestream mobilization:

  • April 22 will focus on Earth Day and youth climate strikes. Join indigenous leaders and youth climate leaders as they unite through storytelling.
  • April 23 will spotlight divestment, climate financing, and reorganizing the global economy so that it works for all people and the planet.
  • April 24 will focus on voter registration and political engagement.

Find out more at Earth Day Live 2020 and RSVP now!

There are many other ways to celebrate Earth Day if you can’t join the livestream events. At, you can view worldwide events to join, or you can develop your own personal Earth Day action! For example, many people are putting up signs in their windows to support a sustainable planet - make an Earth Day window sign to encourage activism and let neighbors know how to get involved.

Many people are also cleaning up their neighbourhoods so if you can, get outside and collect trash! You can also Take the Earth Day Daily Challenge, a 22-day series of actions to protect the environment, which are posted by the Earth Day Network. Participants can also add their own actions with the hashtags #EarthDay2020 and #EARTHRISE.

For more information on Earth Day events and how to get involved, visit this link.



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