October 14, 2021

RE: Message To SEIU-West members at Elmview, Moose Jaw, Parkside, Preston, and Sunset Extendicare long-term care homes


What a day. Like you, we were both surprised and not surprised by today’s announcement from the Government of Saskatchewan that the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) will be taking over the five Extendicare homes.

The Union was not consulted or given advance notice regarding this move, despite our continual efforts to gather information from the Ministry of Health, the SHA or Extendicare.

This is what we know:

  • The transfer will take some time – up to one year (that is the best estimate);
  • SEIU-West members will remain employed;
  • Our collective agreement will remain in force during the transfer and after.

Our priority continues to be bargaining a new collective agreement for SEIU-West members – BEFORE any other negotiations take place on the transfer. All the delays have meant that we have been over four years without a collective agreement. That is way too long!

We have reached out again to the Ministry of Health to talk about making collective bargaining a priority, members’ employment, and union jurisdiction.

SEIU-West is committed to representing our membership’s interest. We commit to keeping you up to date on any developments as we learn of them. We know that you all have a lot of questions right now and are feeling a lot of confusion, anxiety and stress. We don’t have many answers right now but will provide you with what we know, when we know it.

On a personal note, having spent most of my health care career with Extendicare Parkside, I know how incredibly hard Extendicare members work, the extras you take on, and how you care about your residents. I also know the frustration with not getting clear answers, and I will make sure that we stay in contact with developments and answer questions. SEIU-West will do our utmost to make sure the Employer, whoever it may be, knows and understands our members’ interests and addresses them positively.

In respect and solidarity on behalf of SEIU-West,

Barbara Cape

To download a PDF copy of this statement please click here.

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