Date: December 22, 2021

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

The following are some questions and answers about the Extendicare Tentative Agreement (TA). These arose during the four information meetings held on Zoom on December 20 and 21. 

  • Where can I see the TA?
  • What wage increase did we get? How does it compare to what members got from the SAHO (SHA) agreement? 
    • We achieved a general wage increase of 7% over 6 years (0-0-1-2-2 and 2), the same as in the SAHO agreement.
  • Was Extendicare able to take anything away? Were there any concessions?
    • No. No concessions were agreed to. There are no reductions to our benefits, pension, or any other language in our collective agreement.
  • Were any changes made to the seniority provisions?
    • No changes. The seniority provisions remain hours-based.
  • Why couldn’t we get seniority changed?
    • Extendicare saw this as a cost, and were unwilling to spend anything to make the change. This was also not identified as a priority by our members.
  • Why didn't we get the $200 lump sum payment SAHO workers received?
    • Ultimately, this was related to a unfair labour practice we had filed against SAHO – not Extendicare – and Extendicare didn’t want to pay this. We hung onto this until the bitter end, to achieve the 6th year and 2% increase in that year--which will end up being worth more than $200. 
  • What would have happened if the bargaining committee had insisted on getting the same lump sum payment as SAHO received?
    • We believe Extendicare would have played the delay game, and refused to continue negotiations. We wanted a settlement for our membership.
  • If the members vote in favour of the TA, when can we expect to get back pay (retro)?
    • This may take a couple/several months. With the SAHO TA, the ratification vote took place in mid-January 2021, and the retro pay was paid out on April 23rd.
  • What year will retro pay be allocated to?
    • Retro pay will become income in the year in which it is paid out (2022).
  • Can the family of a deceased member get back pay?
    • Yes, but the family will need to contact the Manager/Administrator at the deceased member’s facility. The retroactive pay will be paid to the member's estate.
  • When is the TA vote? When will we know the result?
    • Voting opens on Wednesday, January 5, at 9:00 AM, and closes 24 hours later, at 9:00 AM on Thursday, January 6. We plan to release the results on January 6. 
  • How can I vote?
    • You will be able to vote online or by touch-tone phone, but you must register to vote. Registration deadline is Monday, January 3, at 8:00 AM. Click here to register to vote. 

As always, we welcome our members’ questions and comments as we work through the bargaining process. We encourage you to contact the MRC at 1-888-999-7348 ext. 2298 or through the website contact form or our new email address [email protected] to ask any further questions. Please watch for updates on You can also follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

In Solidarity,

Your SEIU-West Extendicare Provincial Bargaining Committee:

Moose Jaw Extendicare: Lynette Pinfold • Elmview Extendicare: Colleen Watson • Sunset Extendicare: Lisa Virtue • Parkside Extendicare: Marlene Thomson • Preston Extendicare: Lori Klus • Staff: Tracy Goodheart; Katelyn Thibeault (Staff Representatives); Bob Laurie (Director of Bargaining and Contract Bargaining & Enforcement)

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