October 23 - 29 is Facilities and Engineering Week.  This is our opportunity to highlight the folks that keep the lights on, regulate the temperature, maintain the systems and even take on preventative maintenance. We checked in with Gabriel, a 4th Class Power Engineer in Saskatoon.

Gabriel works in a long term care home, where he and his team are in charge of maintaining the entire building. As Power Engineers, typically they focus on high pressure and low pressure steam boilers, as well as controlling and maintaining the HVAC system. Wow, what a lot of pressure!! In addition to the important work of maintaining the systems, Gabriel and his co-workers also take on the maintenance tasks of fixing beds and lifts, minor plumbing and electrical work, as well as general maintenance. Each and every day they perform tests on the boilers and equipment to ensure that it is all in tip top shape!

Gabriel takes pride in knowing that the work he does is critical to ensuring the safety and comfort for everyone in the building. While he is proud of the work that he does, he tells us that the best part of his job is being able to visit with the residents and seeing them happy with the work that he and his co-workers do. He was inspired to go into this career when some of his relatives invited him on an industry tour while he was in high school. That tour piqued his interest and inspired him to pursue the education needed to do this important work. 

Working through the pandemic has been a struggle, as there were times when every area that he worked in was under outbreak and staffing levels were low as his co-workers managed illness. Gabriel tells us that while this was a difficult period, he and his department handled the increased workload, overcame adversity and pushed through.

The work of maintaining facilities often goes unnoticed; but these hard working folks are a vital part of the healthcare team. They keep the buildings, facilities and grounds in good repair, while inspecting, testing and monitoring the systems we take for granted. Thank you for all that you do!

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