October 1 - 7 is Food Services Week and gives us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the hardworking people who work within Food Services. These folks keep residents and patients safe by working with the entire team to ensure each person's dietary needs are met, while preparing and storing food safely to prevent foodborne illness. 

To celebrate Food Services Week, we are highlighting member Jennifer, a Cook at a rural acute care facility.  In addition to holding her Journeyperson Red Seal, Jennifer has taken additional Work Safe for Supervisors and Occupational Health and Safety training.

A typical day for Jennifer includes a great deal of food preparation, including trays for each patient, as well as beverage and lunch cart set up. She is also responsible for delivering meals to patients and daily clean up. The best part of her job is interacting with the patients, but she mentions that she has awesome coworkers too! Jennifer was inspired to become a cook because of her love of cooking for people. We asked her to share a memorable moment with us and she said that one of her patient's sons told her "Your chicken noodle soup tastes just like my mom's soup." Not only is that a lovely moment, but it feels particularly heartwarming when combined with Jennifer's love of cooking for people.

To Jennifer, and to everyone who works in Food Services, thank you for all that you do. Your care and attention keep people safe and healthy, while providing nourishment.

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