Front Line Heroes Profile- Jess

Here’s one of your SEIU-West Front Line Heroes.  

Providing hands on care during a pandemic is not easy but Jess is offering some advice from her RUH headquarters.

“As an Environmental Service Worker (ESW), there is added pressure than on a normal day; we are there to help prevent someone from catching something in our hospital. We must always work diligently,” says Jess. “With COVID-19 (C19), we just have to work harder to make sure everything is as clean as it can be so that a patient or family member doesn’t get C19.

“When I come home, I shower and change my clothes as soon as possible. I have family that are immunocompromised, so I always have to be careful that I don’t put my loved ones at risk. As a team, we are constantly making sure we are doing the best we can, cleaning the best we can, and practicing hand hygiene so we don’t put others at risk. We focus on the reality that if we don’t take care of our hand hygiene and infection control in the area we are cleaning, we may be putting patients, coworkers and families at risk. 

“That’s not something we should ever do as health employees. I try to always think the positive and know that this too will come to an end.”

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