This week is Food Services Week and we are here to celebrate the care and commitment of our Food Services Team. We'd like to introduce you to Dorothy, a Food Services Supervisor in Saskatoon.


Food Service Team members keep us safe not only by preparing and storing food safely to prevent foodborne illness, but by collaborating with the entire team to ensure that each person's nutritional and dietary needs are met. Dorothy has completed the Nutrition and Food Services Management program and is also a member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management. She shows up at work every day, ready to support, coach and guide the staff, while ensuring that patients get their meals in a timely manner. Her favorite part of her job is providing support to the staff, knowing that she contributes to the well being of patients.

To Dorothy, and all of our members who are part of the Food Service Team, thank you for all that you do! Your work provides food that is healthy and safe, an important part of the role of recovery and daily well being! When nutrition, care and compassion meet, you'll find our members working together to ensure that people are well nourished!

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