Growing Justice – A Lobby Kit for Taking Action!

When we recognize a problem, we need to get out there, join our brothers and sisters, and demonstrate how it should be fixed. Getting involved makes a difference.  You will find allies, make friends and build a team to engage in these issues with. We must ensure that those in power are held in check and are held accountable, but that means getting involved.  On this site, you will find the SEIU-West Political Action & Education Department’s Lobby Kit. In the Kit, you’ll have the tools, tips and resources to get involved and create social change. The fact sheets should motivate you to take action, and we have many supportive tools for taking action – they range from writing your publicly elected officials to creating a petition to door knocking! Check out all the links below to find out more! For an (awesome) visual presentation of the lobby kit, click here.



Interactive Tool Kit

Campaign Strategy Guide

Tool Kit For Writing A Letter 

Letter Template to your MP/MLA

Poster Template For MP/MLA Letter Writing Meeting

Making Our Voices Heard – Writing a Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed

Sample LTE and Op-ed

How to Build a Petition

Day to Day Organizing – 12 tips to get you started!

Engaging Young Workers & SolidariTweet!

Just the Facts – Changing Face of Sask.

Just the Facts – Climate Justice

Just the Facts – Education

Just the Facts – Health Care

Just the Facts – Making Ends Meet

Just the Facts – Privatization

Just the Facts – Workload Issues in Long-Term Care

Just the Facts – Child Care

Just the Facts – War on Information

Just the Facts – Canada Health Accord

Just the Facts – P3s

Just the Facts – Scare Tactics

Just The Facts – Safety Management Systems

Just the Facts – Budgetary Issues Federal & Provincial

Just the Facts – Summary Offence Ticketing (SOT’s)

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