Dear Comrades, Brothers, and Sisters,

These past few years have seen incredible upheaval in what we take for granted that it has left us questioning, anxious, and wondering "what next?". We seek moments of calm and wish for the predictability of a life before a global upheaval in health and services.

Each one of you has given your heart and soul to your families, your work, and your communities. Without fanfare, without awards or accolades—you have simply rolled up your sleeves and got to work. Our province is better for people like you—it's one of our founding characteristics and you have made us better for it.

This holiday season, we celebrate you and all that you do. From each corner of the province, in every workplaces and every worker. We wish you the gift of unexpected joys, laughter with friends, and moments of peace. We wish stability and respect for your work, acknowledgement for you valuable contributions, and the gift of time for you and your families.

Season's Greetings to you and your family and all the best for the New Year!

On behalf of the Executive Board and Staff of SEIU-West,

Barbara Cape

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