Health Care Providers Week is October 22 – 28, 2018!

The Political Action & Education Department would like to offer our members who work tirelessly in the health care sector an opportunity to celebrate Health Care Providers Week as a unit. 

We offer your unit leader the following reimbursement so that either snacks/cake can be purchased or a contest (with prizes) can be undertaken. 

The rules are:

1st submit a request to [email protected]  by Friday, November 2, 2018 with the following information:

  • SEIU-West affiliated workplace name
  • Number of SEIU-West members working in your facility
  • How you plan to celebrate Health Care Provider Week

Then we will review your request & agree to reimburse you for your purchase of goodies, draw prize or gift card based on this pre-determined scale that is reflective of the size of the unit:

  • Up to $40 for those units with up to 50 members
  • Up to $65 for those units with between 51 to 100 members
  • Up to $100 for those units with between 101 to 200 members
  • Up to $125 for those units with over 200 members

To receive the reimbursement, we must receive a member expense form (indicating Celebration of Health Care Providers week) with original receipts by November 16, 2018.  Please forward all member expense forms and original receipts to PA & E department to the attention of Shawna Colpitts ([email protected]). 

Please note that we will cover the cost of cake, snacks or prizes only as our campaign fund is limited… so union leave will not be provided.

Please forward any pictures of your group enjoying the goodies or the draw winner(s) receiving the prize or gift card to [email protected] during Health Care Provider week so we can share the on our social media pages.

Please let us know whether your unit responds favourably or not…and share details with the appropriate Internal Organizer/Union Rep so that they know when the events will be occurring in the workplaces.

Thanks for all that you do!

In recognition of Health Care Providers Week, the Nursing Care Committee would like to offer a special contest for all SEIU-West members to enter! We know each health care worker contributes to the health care team and that each piece of that team is essential. So in order to be entered to win a gift basket for your Unit, simply complete this online jigsaw puzzle! The more members that participate in your Unit, the more chances your Unit has to win one of five gift baskets! Just visit this link and then let us know you completed the jigsaw puzzle! We will know you completed it by telling us a description of the final image and/or taking a picture of it – email [email protected] with your answer by October 29!

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