October 23 - 29 is Healthcare Provider Week. This is a week to recognize and celebrate the hardworking members who come together as part of a cohesive team to provide quality and compassionate healthcare to the residents of Saskatchewan. 

We had the opportunity to chat with Katelyn, an Operating Room Technician, Licensed Practical Nurse working in Saskatoon. LPNs are a vital part of the healthcare team. In the operating room, Katelyn is responsible for critically important tasks, such as preparing the room prior to surgery, maintaining a sterile field in preparation of the procedure, and ensuring the surgeon's instruments and supplies are organized and ready to go. They are also responsible for preparing the patient for surgery and observing and monitoring them throughout the operation.

Katelyn knew that she wanted to be a nurse from the time she attended a career fair in grade 10. While she was in nursing school, she had the opportunity to go into the OR and watch a hip replacement. At that moment, she fell in love and knew that she wanted to work in the OR. After many years on the floor, the opportunity to take the Perioperative course became available and she knew that she had to seize the opportunity. Every day is different, is challenging and keeps her on her toes.

Katelyn tells us that being part of a team is the best part of her job. The number of services that go into running a smooth operating room is significant. The key to a successful day is working has a team, having great communication and being able to rely on one another.

Working as a frontline healthcare worker has its challenges. Staff shortages were a factor before the Covid-19 pandemic and in recent years have been amplified as co-workers face illnesses of themselves or their families. Workers feel the pressure and are spread thin. Katelyn and her co-workers have learned to lean on each other and to ask for help when needed. They've grown as a team and each new day brings new challenges which bring them a little bit closer together and become a bit stronger.

This week we show our appreciation to all of the hardworking Healthcare Providers for all that you do. To Katelyn, your co-workers, and every other Healthcare Provider across the province, thank you for the important work that you do!

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