October 29 - November 4 is Healthcare Provider Week. It is a week to recognize and celebrate the hardworking members who form the team which provides quality and compassionate healthcare to the people of Saskatchewan.

Today, we are introducing you to Maria, who works as a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) at an urban acute care facility. Maria has been working as a CCA for more than 10 years. A typical day on the job for Maria includes caring for patients, assisting with the activities of daily living like bathing, feeding, and toileting. The best part of her day is the morning care, assisting patients to prepare for their day.

We asked Maria to share a memorable moment from work and she told us about a time when she was able to assist a patient by translating information to help the patient understand what was going to happen during an appointment. When it was time for the patient to move to another ward, she did not want to leave Maria. Time and time again, we hear that our members value the connections they make with the patients or residents they care for. This is a beautiful example of Maria's ability to care for her patient.

The work of a CCA combines the activities of daily living, while being the friendly face that patients look forward to seeing each day. To Maria, CCAs, and all other healthcare providers, thank you for all that you do in keeping our community safe and healthy.

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