Front line and essential workers have carried the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic on their shoulders, often putting themselves in harm’s way to protect and serve the people of Saskatchewan.

SEIU-West members have been providing hands-on care and in-person services since the very beginning, often in the face of extraordinary personal mental, physical and financial hurdles.
They have experienced:

  • The absence of and/or insufficient personal protective equipment
  • Inconsistent application of protocols
  • Ever-changing rules in their workplaces
  • Lack of mental health supports
  • Living apart from their families
  • Inequitable application of the temporary wage supplement
  • Increased expenses 
  • Making choices that impact the care of the people we serve
  • Insufficient staffing levels

And far, far more.

Now, as we transition to this so-called “new normal”, it's more important than ever that Premier Scott Moe and his Sask Party government demonstrate they understand the need to invest in public services.

Join SEIU-West’s call demanding front line and essential workers are:

  • respected by hiring more staff
  • protected by investing in mental health assistance and ensuring workplaces are actually safe;
  • paid fairly for their jobs, so we can retain the qualified and professional people who provide the services we all rely on every day.

So join us in our call:

Hey Moe! Do the right thing and respect the quality work we do, protect us from workplace harms we face, and pay us a fair wage for the valuable contribution we make to Saskatchewan’s public services.

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