October 20, 2017

Dear Health Care Member:

Your CUPE, SEIU-West, and SGEU bargaining committees resumed bargaining with SAHO October 16 to 18 in Moose Jaw.

The Provider Unions have communicated clearly to SAHO that our memberships will not accept the proposed rollbacks. We continue to insist to SAHO and the Employers – No cuts, No concessions, and No rollbacks. Pay us what we’re worth! Treat us with respect! We also continue to send a strong message to SAHO and the government that increasing workloads and continuing with short staffing is a threat to the quality of care we provide to our patients, clients and residents, and their families.

The parties acknowledged that while the position of the provider unions (CUPE, SEIU-West and SGEU) and the position of SAHO/Government remain far apart, there is a continued willingness on the part of the unions to negotiate as we recognize the importance of achieving fair and reasonable collective agreements for our members that don’t include concessions.

CUPE, SEIU-West and SGEU will resume bargaining with SAHO on October 30 through to November 3 in Saskatoon.

Thank you to all health service providers for your ongoing support for your committees. Call/write/email your MLAs to protest the cuts, be active within your respective unions, and stay strong.

Remember: we are in this together and we can, and will, win against these rollbacks.

Don’t forget to come out to the Rally to Reverse the Cuts on October 25 at the Legislature in Regina – visit: https://www.rallytoreversethecuts.org/

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