Letter of Support for the Camp of Sacred Stones

A member of the Aboriginal Committee has written a letter of support and sent it to those standing against the Dakota Access Pipeline – please read his meaningful letter below and see how you can support the Camps of the Sacred Stones:

I am writing this letter in support for the Camp of the Sacred Stones and all the Indigenous peoples who are taking a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline that the American government and Big Oil are trying to push and bully their way into getting built. They don’t care about safe and clean water because in their minds, water can replenish itself but when oil spills into the water (as it so often does), the damage is devastating to the entire ecosystem and surrounding life.
Powerful corporations and governments are afraid of the protests because when people stand in numbers, their voices are heard – that’s why they let the dogs loose and have the National Guard involved – this is a form of intimidation, bullying, and abuse of power.
I encourage the Camp to keep up with your fight, stay strong and know I wish I was there to stand alongside you – but I am with you all in thought and prayers my brothers and sisters.
Ray Bidyk, member of the SEIU-West Aboriginal Committee

To support the Camp’s legal funds, click here.

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