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I recall the new Sask. Party government and the Minister of Labour, Rob Norris, who introduced the Sask. essential services law very quickly after the 2007 election. This was likely the first broken Sask. Party promise as they had pledged during the election campaign that they would not legislate essential services.

There was no consultation with any of the working people it would impact or their representatives prior to introducing the bill and no real openness to changes.

This same law was overturned seven years later by the Supreme Court of Canada as it was deemed unconstitutional. Where was his notion of fairness towards the working class when he did this? And is this type of misadventure really a proper use of public funds? What is the actual cost?

I know firsthand that changes to labour legislation have created barriers to achieving collective agreements for health care providers. This is why we have critical shortages on the front line — who wants to work at 2016 rates of pay?

Do we really want someone who uses public funds to strip away our rights as our next mayor? I think not.

Ron Flach

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