Premier Scott Moe,

I am not a Nurse or Doctor, I am an essential SHA employee in LTC.

At this time during this Pandemic, the curtain has been pulled back across Canada for the World to see how badly LTC has been under funded, under staffed and ignored during years of our cries for help!

Billboards, media, letters sent, word of mouth, contacting our MLAs; we exhausted all avenues to get the attention of Provincial and Federal Government across Canada for someone to pay attention. No one gave LTC/Home Care Frontline workers the time of day about any of our concerns!

As of today, April 22, 2020, the Province of Saskatchewan has minimal cases of COVID-19 in a LTC Facility, Home Care or Private Care homes in Saskatoon.

We could be in the same situation as our Eastern Provinces in Ontario and Quebec! LTC was ignored there as well. And it now is obvious to all Canadian Citizens and all families just how much we were ignored.

Premier Scott Moe, Frontline Workers in LTC/Home Care make our Saskatchewan Government Officials look good at a time like this. We deserve to be thanked, compensated, recognized and respected for putting our lives on the line everyday and working tiredly for our Seniors and Disabled in our Province during this pandemic. We have worked tiredly to keep our Seniors and Disabled healthy and safe to ease the burden of overloading our Acute Care.

WE are all the SHA employees that have been denied a pay raise for 4 years and ignored by our Government. WE make our Government look good by the number of COVID-19 cases Saskatchewan has.

I consistently read comments of praises and thanks the citizens of Saskatchewan send you.

I agree with the comments of praises and thanks sent your way, for the most part. However; I feel those praises and showing of gratitude are because your Saskatchewan Healthcare employees have done their part for our Province, especially working with very very limited PPE at our disposal. As tired and afraid as we all were, we did not quit caring for our citizens.

Please, do not ignore us next time we want to talk!



Marte Olsen

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