Janice has worked for 22 years in the health care field; most recently, she works in a long term care facility as an ELFSW (Environmental, Laundry, Food Services Worker). If you think her work involves a lot of juggling, you’re right.

She works closely with her team with a holistic approach to care. She washes and dries personal laundry for the residents, cleans 20 rooms and deep cleans 2-4 rooms per day, prepares food for the Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs) to cook, and delivers laundry to the clients’ rooms. She loves when she gets to see the residents’ smile, especially when she tells them they have visitors. It’s important for Janice to get to know who her residents are and what their lives were like. It can get stressful when they are short staffed.  She is constantly trying to help out in other areas and it’s a lot of steps put in in a day, but Janice loves that she is part of a team that cares for our seniors. What greater honour than caring for those who have come before us with a goal to improving their lives? Janice, thank you for your hard work and dedication as an ELFSW, and thank you to your team. You make a difference every single day!


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