Nathan works at Canadian Linen in Regina where Nathan lifts over 10,000 pounds a day!

Over the past 8 years, in a typical day, he's driven to businesses to change 100-200 floor mats that vary in weight depending on how wet they've become and carry away and bring in fresh linen (up to 200 linen bags) that each weigh 50-70 pounds. It's an incredibly physical job!  

When businesses closed down due to COVID, this affected the workers here too. They were lucky enough to only have voluntary layoffs and they combined routes so that they could stay working. They’ve recently adapted by offering additional services like eyewash stations and toiletries.

Some of the challenges they face are road conditions. They cover quite an area, from Moosemin to Cypress Hills, Estevan to Preeceville. Blizzards can cause delays or outright leave workers stranded away from home. With concerns from COVID, they’ve adapted by using biohazard bags to pick up laundry from facilities that may be at risk of having COVID. So far, the team has stayed safe.

What Nathan loves the most about his job is the ability to form relationships with his customers that he sees weekly. He just wishes he had more time to spend with them, that life would return to normal and work picks back up.

Thank you to Nathan and his team for the amazing job you do!

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