An article published in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix on July 25 titled Saskatchewan will pay private clinics to help close surgery gap,” explains the Saskatchewan Party government wants a privately run orthopedic surgery clinic to be built in the province in an effort to clear a record backlog of postponed procedures.

The article states: “The province will issue a formal request to a private company to build a site focused on increasing operating room and bed capacity for in-patient joint replacements, as well as a variety of day surgery procedures.”

The Ministry of Health says it is also exploring contracting an existing private surgery clinic outside of the province to perform hip and knee surgeries for residents on the province’s waitlist.

This from a government that once proudly proclaimed that Saskatchewan is a “have” province.

Timing of this announcement, coinciding with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Tommy Douglas’ medicare, should be more than concerning.

With the plan to build private clinics and outsource publicly funded surgeries to private clinics, is this government signalling the end of publicly funded and administered health care?

If allowed to proceed with this plan, this government will add health care to the list of items people in Saskatchewan can no longer afford.

Martin Been



Find the published article in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix here.

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