We are leaving a dark, ugly and hateful world behind us for our children and grandchildren to live in if we don’t stand up and speak up against the realities in our world.

Discrimination has and will further divide us in this province and country. Many will blame the confinement and restrictions of this pandemic as the result of escalating questionable behaviour. The truth of the matter is, discrimination was here before this pandemic. Hate was here before this pandemic. Division was here before this pandemic and the discrimination, hate and division is growing. It will swallow up and consume our children’s and grandchildren’s world if we don’t stop it now and speak up.

We voted for our “chosen” government leaders to work for us. Are they really working for us or are they working for themselves? We should be demanding these elected officials do their job dealing with the discrimination and hate in our country and provinces. They should be speaking up, speaking loud and taking action against discrimination. Anything less, they are not doing their jobs. Some have not been doing their job; maybe they are part of the problem? Maybe it’s time to start thinking and questioning that?

When are we going to get to the end of being sick and tired of watching the tears, hearing the voices of broken hearts and broken families, hearing the “I’m sorry,” “my condolences” and feeling our guts churn from the outcome of discrimination?

Our children and grandchildren are watching and listening.

Marte Olsen

Published in the Star Phoenix, June 29, 2021

Published in the Leader Post, June 12, 2021 

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