We received a letter from one of our members sharing her daughter’s art work. SEIU-West is proud to have such talented and supportive family members! Check out their message and drawing!


“Hi, my name is Krista. I just attended the Domestic Violence Workshop. My daughter would like for you to know how much she appreciates what SEIU-West does. She’s only 12 years old and is amazing at drawing and painting. Right now she is in the middle of painting a picture to donate to Porteous Lodge thanking all nurses for the amazing job they do. She is incorporating the SEIU purple colour in her drawing. I want to show you how much SEIU-West not only means to the workers but their families as well.”

SEIU-West is so proud of the community members create within our shared union as we aim to ensure members are empowered to grow as leaders – whether through education, community activism, effective representation, and so much more! SEIU-West especially appreciates this wonderful artwork with the phrase “Trinity is awesome and can do anything she chooses to.” We couldn’t agree more!

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