SEIU-West's Multicultural Mentorship Committee is passionate about bringing attention to issues around the world, often times these places were where our members once called "home."

Worldwide news broke recently when Russia invaded Ukraine, in violation of international law.

This has left many terrified, worldwide. We have many SEIU-West members that come from Ukraine that we work alongside that are in turmoil, uncertain of the safety of their family and friends back home. Still, they come to work every day to provide care for the citizens of Saskatchewan while being totally distraught themselves.

This invasion is a reminder for us of just how privileged we are to live in Canada. It is also a duty for us to use our collective voices to ensure that we take care of those that aren’t as privileged. Whatever’s happening in Ukraine right now, we should talk about it collectively as a nation. With massive attention on this crisis, we can put pressure on every government to solve it. It is our duty to fight injustices and leave the world a better place.

SEIU-West Multicultural Mentorship Committee stands with Ukraine and everyone affected, both here in Canada and back in Ukraine, as human beings. Our hearts break with yours. We know that there are many people in Russian that are scared and don’t condone the decisions of their president either. Nuclear weapons scare everyone and are a threat to humanity. 

We are sending our prayers for an end to this invasion, and thoughts of peace to those affected.

We encourage our members to reach out to their governments to solve this peacefully and reach out to your coworkers that are going through absolute terror right now, worried about their loved ones.

We are living in a fragile time right now and if we do nothing and say nothing, the wrongs in this world will just continue.

Peace and love, 

SEIU-West Multicultural Mentorship Committee

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