We would like to round off National Medical Laboratory Week 2020 by featuring yet another SEIU-West Front Line Hero!  

A key part of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is the work done within our Medical Laboratories.

A part of the front line Lab team are Combined Laboratory & X-Ray Technologists (CLXTs) like our member Stacey who works at the Rosthern Hospital in rural Saskatchewan.

Stacey's day in the lab includes specimen collection/phlebotomy, admin/accessioning, sample testing and sample referral. It also includes performing X-Rays and ECG's!

What Stacey loves most about her job is the variety every day brings. Also the small moments “which mostly includes getting an opportunity to know our patients well. We see some people many times over the years and so many of our "regulars" become special to us” said Stacey.

“I’ve been a CLXT working in rural Saskatchewan for over 20 years. Medical Laboratories encompass many Laboratory professionals - from Phlebotomists, MLA’s, MLT’s, CLXT‘s, all the support and administration staff and so many more!! Laboratory staff, whether on the front lines, or working behind the scenes, are an essential and integral part of patient care. I’m proud to be a Heath Care Worker and part of the Medical Laboratory Team! Happy National Medical Laboratory Week to all of my amazing and hard-working co-workers!!

“These are trying and difficult times in health care, but we are all part of a large team, working together,” Stacey added. “And that’s how we’ll get through this – by working together, while staying physically distanced apart. And washing our hands. A lot!!”

We are proud to celebrate the health care heroes that make up the team in Medical Laboratories.

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