Brian has been a Biomedical Clinical Engineering Tech for 28 years, the last 4 have been in a supervisory capacity. Brian and his coworkers are a team of five in his Acute Care facility.  Working together, they fix all sorts of machines when they break down.

Brian explained the dynamics of the team as an analogy to an escape room. His team works really well; each has different ideas and abilities to come up with a solution to get to their end goal – proper functioning equipment. The team spirit of cooperation and common need to meet a challenge makes this work enjoyable. Brian looks forward to going to work every day.

From gas machines to infusion pumps, defibrillators to laparoscopic surgery equipment, they love to figure out what’s wrong and get it back in working order. There are some machines that have service contracts, which means a third party comes in to fix it, but the majority of the equipment is fixed by the team. As new equipment is continually being developed, their job never gets boring.

Brian always had an interest in how things work and are put together. His inquisitive mind on wanting to fix things led him to his career in Biomedical Engineering.  He has great job satisfaction because he can tangibly see what he has done in a day.

A memorable moment for Brian is when he was sent to Germany to learn about Zeiss microscopes; not only was he able to learn about the equipment but he was also extended a tour of the plant. A major perk to this role is that they are sent all over the world to train on different equipment; they truly are lifelong learners.

Brian is concerned that the team is aging and there won’t be enough staff to replace and learn the decades of knowledge within the team once they retire. Often, they train students and new hires only to watch them leave the province. A wish of Brian’s is that Saskatchewan would sponsor education seats with return to work contracts for Saskatchewan so that we can recruit and retain Biomedical Engineering Techs.

He also wishes they had an IT (Information Technology) Technician on their team as many of the machines are now networked and having an IT within the department would be a true asset.

Join us in celebrating the interesting and crucial role Biomedical Engineering Technicians play in the health care field!

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