Laura has been a Biomedical Engineering Tech for 10 years; her role is to repair and maintain equipment at her acute care site. Her and her coworker have worked well as a team for the past decade and love coming to work to find out what equipment they need to work on that day.

 Laura likes to be that person that can fix equipment; it’s her way to assist the staff and, in turn, the patients at her facility. Her and her partner work on preventative maintenance as well as the repair of a variety of machines such as dialysis machines, ICU equipment, defibrillators, monitoring systems and x-ray equipment. Laura has always loved science and achieved a bachelor degree in science before she got her 2 year diploma as a  Biomedical Engineering Technologist.  She has also gained specific training from a variety of companies over the past decade. Both her parents worked in the health care field, so it was a natural fit for Laura to join the health care team. COVID has stopped training on equipment as travel is restricted, so Laura is looking forward to being able to travel again as the training assists her to fix pieces of new technology even faster. When COVID hit, they received new equipment for surges and extra patients. Before any equipment is used, Laura and her co-worker must test the equipment to ensure it is safe for use. Thank you to Laura and all the Biomedical/Clinical Engineering professionals for keeping our equipment safe and running!

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