Today we were excited to participate in Saskatoon’s Rock your Roots Walk for Reconciliation, but mother earth had other plans.

We’ve celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day together since 1996, but Indigenous Peoples have been here for thousands of years.

This is a day where Indigenous Peoples can celebrate the rich history and culture that they have, amazingly, been able to preserve.

There are so many different tribes that there is no specific one celebration, each celebrates in their own way.

However you choose to acknowledge this day, please take a moment to think about what life was like for Indigenous Peoples pre-colonization, during colonialization and the future of Indigenous Peoples going forward.

Here’s a list of events to celebrate Indigenous peoples in your community this month. 

In Solidarity, 
Justin Gaudet, 
Chair of First Nations, Metis and Inuit Committee, SEIU-West

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