May 8 – 14 is National Nursing Week. The theme for 2023 is Our Nurses. Our Future. This theme is meant to showcase the many roles that nurses play in a patient’s health care journey, and to shine a light on the courage and commitment shown by nurses throughout the pandemic, and each and every day that they go to work.

Amy is a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) who works at a rural long term care facility. She is a new CCA, having completed her course in April of this year. Amy was inspired to become a CCA after losing many family members to different illnesses. Seeing what her family members went through inspired her to want to be part of the care team for residents who don’t have anyone else to be there for them.

As a CCA, a typical day for Amy includes assisting residents to get up in the morning, and getting them clean, dressed and ready for the day ahead. Throughout the day she assists with the activities of daily living, like feeding, bathing, toileting; as well as with different activities and programs.

We asked Amy what part of her job is the best and she told us that it is simply very rewarding, commenting “Every day is different and there are ups and downs, but at the end of the day if I’ve made a resident smile, or laugh, I know I’ve done a good job. I love getting to know more and more about the residents and what they love to do.”

CCAs not only provide assistance with the activities of daily living, but they are the eyes and ears of the healthcare team. They are often the first to notice the early signs of illness, alerting other members of the healthcare team. Time and time again, CCAs tell us that the best part of their job is caring for the residents and knowing that they are making a difference in their lives. This week, we are proud to say thank you to Amy, your co-workers, and all of our CCA members for the work that you do!


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