We are very fortunate to live a part of the world where emergency help is only a phone call away. When someone is experiencing the worst day of their life, it is just another day for André. André has been serving the community he grew up in as a Primary Care Paramedic in the southwest of the province for over twelve years. He regularly deals with inter facility transfers and emergency calls, including delivering a newborn baby last year.

André completed his education at Saskatchewan Polytech. He has continued to increase his skills by becoming a Heart & Stroke CPR instructor, training in mental health, and yearly education to keep his knowledge up to date. André loves the variety that his job brings, and that means keeping his skills toolbox full.

Working through the pandemic was an interesting time for André and his coworkers. They felt very safe with their level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including gowns and new N100 masks. They were recently given protective vests to wear due to the high volume of driving and at risk calls they have been attending. André says, “We have taken our personal protection to higher levels to protect ourselves and our patients. Now that restriction protocols have relaxed, call volumes seem to be increasing.” While tired and stressed, he and his coworkers do see the silver lining. In a job he describes as both stressful and adventurous, André has seen people all over the world step up and help each other where they can. It's good to see this happening in times when we need it the most.

During Paramedic Services Week, take some time to think about André, his coworkers, and anyone in the emergency services field. On a person’s worst day, they are the first to reach out and help and for that we cannot acknowledge them enough. We thank them for their dedication, their strength, and their stabilizing presence in their communities.

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