Few people fall into their chosen profession early in life. When Corey was in high school, the fire department of his small town was recruiting volunteers to assist at the fire hall. He fell in love with the adrenaline rush, and eleven years later, is the Team Leader for paramedics in his facility. Corey has various professional firefighting certificates and has taken Primary Care Paramedic training. After a few years, he completed his Advanced Care Paramedic Training and now works in the southwest of the province.

The day of a paramedic is seldom set in stone. In a day, Corey sees a variety of emergency calls, from medical problems to car accidents, or just assisting someone in need. He also works in inter-facility transfers, develops education for peers, and teaches paramedics, firefighters, and community first responders. When asked what part of his job that he likes best, Corey responded “I really enjoy responding to emergency calls and helping people in need. Meeting people from all paths of life and conversing with everyone and listening to their story.” Corey’s favourite moment was keeping a patient alive through an episode of cardiac arrest. The patient was successfully supported all the way to the hospital, and he got to see them months later. Corey saw how well they were and knew that they had a second chance at life because of his dedicated team. During the height of the pandemic when his workloads increased and he saw how patients were struggling both physically and mentally, these bright moments like these are cherished by Corey and his team.

Corey and his coworkers were fortunate to have each other to lean on and they supported their team as one big family, especially through tough times. Fortunately, they all had good access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Corey says he never questioned his safety while at work. Though it is frustration to take the extra time to put on PPE while people are waiting for his help, Corey knows that it is needed to keep safe and healthy to continue to provide care to everyone.

This week we celebrate all the people who make up our Paramedic Services team, including Corey and his coworkers. There are so many people that you assist in your line of work, and so many lives you make a difference in. Thank you all for jumping into action at a moments notice to keep your community and province safe and healthy.

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