A number of our members have asked about hazard pay. They hear grocery store staff are receiving a bonus and ask why aren’t health care workers getting something similar.  

We do not view bonus pay as a replacement for the health and safety personal protective equipment you need at work. The health and safety of you, your colleagues, your family and your community is not for sale. SEIU-West is focused on protecting your health and safety and we don’t believe that any of us should trade the future of any of you and your loved ones  for ‘hazard pay’. 

The five Health Care Unions have been instrumental in getting a continuous masking policy in SHA patient care and common areas for facilities, which will significantly increase our front line members’ health and safety during this time. Proper personal protective equipment; adequate supplies and protocols to do your work and stay safe; keeping members working and employed…all of these things are the first priority for SEIU-West during COVID-19.

We know you’re essential to the world class Saskatchewan health care system…you make it work well. We will continue to work to get a Collective Agreement that recognizes your contributions to health care in our province; and your continued work will demonstrate first hand why the public needs to support your effort in getting a fair Collective Agreement. 

So stay safe, wash your hands lots, don’t touch anything and remember to act in solidarity with your brothers and sisters… no matter how tough it gets, we know working together will get us through this.

In Solidarity,

Barbara Cape
President, SEIU-West

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