Mary has been a dedicated health care employee for the past 30 years. She works at three urban hospitals in Patient Registration. While it may seem like Mary has 18 arms, she assures me she only has two.

In a typical work day, Mary starts in her own office going through emails to add patients to lists, checks in with Ambulatory care to see if they have additional patients to register and then checks in with the rest of the team to offer them relief for their breaks. She registers patients before gowning up and heading to emergency to provide them relief for their breaks too. When she gets back, she checks to see if anything needs urgent attention, checks faxes and checks to see if there are any new registrants sent in by doctors. She checks to enter more lists for endo slate, pre-admission clinic and day surgery. Between answering phones, checking and updating lists and relieving her coworkers for their breaks, she helps resolve issues that might arise from the ward and checks lists from medical imaging and pulmonary functioning. Lists get alphabetized with certain areas highlighted. She registers more patients, works on non-invasive cardiology lists to register those patients and pre-registers more patients. Mary remains busy throughout the entire day trouble-shooting and responding to ad hoc requests.

What she loves most about her job is making those connections with patients as she registers them. She understands that patients may be nervous at the hospital; she knows a small joke or a comment about the weather can make a patient feel more at ease. She says it only takes a few minutes to register a patient, however, her department sees around 200 patients a day so there are a lot of good moments packed into the day.

Morale has kept up, for the most part, and the staff get along well. One wish is that her managers would come by more often to see just what they do and how busy they are in their shifts.

Mary and team, you are the first point of contact and the tone you set is so invaluable. Thank you for all that you do!

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